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Stadium News - Sort of

I don't know how many of you saw this story posted in the comments by (Oh, God, I don't have to find out by whom and I can't remember) but by someone.  It is about a proposal that the new stadium being at the Miami Arena instead of the Orange Bowl site.

Here is the original story: Miami Arena Owner Wants To Build Ballpark On SIte

MLB responded:

Responding to a last-minute suggestion from the Miami Arena owner that a new ballpark for the Marlins could be built on that site, Major League Baseball's President and Chief Operating Officer told that a shift from land that once housed the famous Orange Bowl to the projected rubble of the old downtown arena would be a major setback.


"We've located a site that is optimal for the development of a new stadium. Building at the old arena site would be extremely problematic," said MLB's Bob DuPuy, who has spent hundreds of hours negotiating the current deal. "This could cost us an additional year, if not two years. Right now, time is not our ally because the Marlins' lease [at Dolphin Stadium] expires in 2010, and the arena site does not present a viable alternative to us."

In other words, the Miami Arena site ain't going to happen.

I'm not so sure the Orange Bowl site is optimal, but maybe it is given the current  political climate.  But I can think of a couple better places to build the stadium, however, that is all water under the bridge.