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Cody Ross gets plunked

Cody Ross took exception to being plunked again by Pelfrey.

The game got testy early when Mets starter Mike Pelfrey hit Cody Ross for the second time in as many plate appearances. Ross apparently had not forgotten how an errant Pelfrey pitch caught him on Aug. 10, a batter after Dan Uggla doubled home two runs for a 6-1 lead. 

Saturday, Ross leaned down and slammed a leg guard on his way to first. When he popped back up and resumed his wait he looked over at Pelfrey and told him what he thought of the 2-2 pitch.

That prompted former Marlin Carlos Delgado and catcher Brian Schneiderto approach, and within an instant the dugouts and bullpens were vacated. A former Met, Jacobs was among the most determined Marlins to get at someone in visitors' gray.

Jorge Cantu, who Pelfrey hit in the fourth inning, had to restrain his fellow infielder.

Boy, pissing off Cody -- not a good idea.  The Marlins have many players who are larger than Cody, height and weight-wise.  But the Marlins don't have a tougher player than Ross.  I mean the guy was a rodeo clown for jeebus sakes.  He ran into arenas to face 2000 pound bulls in silly makeup and thought it was fun.

Cody may be the shortest Marlin, but he is one of the last ones I would want to take on.

LadyFish was kind enough to post a picture of the event in the Fan Shots.  Check it out.