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Kevin Gregg -- Shutdown

As you probably already know, the Marlins shutdown Kevin Gregg for the time being.

The Marlins have sidelined Gregg due to chronic left knee tendinitis, a problem that has been at the crux of his recent struggles. Gregg underwent an MRI before Saturday's game and will miss a minimum of three to five days before attempting to throw. 

"I don't know how long it's going to take," Gregg said, adding he has felt discomfort the past three or four weeks. "I don't want to back down. I want to keep going. 

"I still want to go, but you have to look at the best interest of the team. Right now, I don't think it's the best thing to go out there because I'm not 100 percent."


"I made the mistake of letting it get to the point where it was affecting me on the field," Gregg said. "That's the way everybody plays, with soreness and injuries. You have to draw that fine line somewhere. You don't know where it is until you get there. … Are you still helping the team when you're out there or are you hurting it? You guys have seen me pitch the last week, and it's not helping."

Manager Fredi Gonzalez, who was aware of Gregg's knee problem, said it contributed to some elbow trouble.

Not surprising that his knee injury led to elbow problems.  This is what normally happens when one tries to compensate for one injury, they create another.

Gonzalez added that once Gregg is ready to return he would not immediately pitch the ninth. He'll have Gregg test the knee in less critical situations.

In the meantime, Matt Lindstrom likely will get the first look as the closer, with lefty Arthur Rhodes a possibility depending on ninth-inning match-ups.

Today, Fredi will have a short bullpen to go to.  But tomorrow, theoretically, there are reserves on the way.