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Ticket Prices to increase -- maybe

If you season ticket holder or you subscribe to one of the ticket packages, you can lock into the same rate as you paid this season.  But you need to hurry.

The Marlins are raising the cost of some season tickets next season, but freezing prices for early renewers and allowing more flexibility in ticket plans. Season ticket holders who renew by Sept. 15 will pay the same prices they did this season. New season ticket buyers will pay slightly more.

If you are a game here and there buyer, you will pay more next season.

For example, an infield box seat for a renewing season ticket holder costs $27.25 after Sept. 15, $28 for a new season ticket buyer; $37 for an individual ticket in advance for most days; $43 on game day; $46 on Fridays; and $48 on Saturdays.

Now you know.