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Hanley Ramirez's elbow

It seems that Hanley Ramirez is icing down his elbow more often.

Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez again wore a large ice wrap on his throwing elbow before Thursday's game, as he has been spotted doing several times in recent weeks. But he insisted there is nothing wrong with his arm. 

"I always do that," he said. "It's just to get loose."…

Hmm.  I may be out of the loop on sports medicine but using ice to get loose?

A thousand years ago when I attempted to play the game, ice was used to control swelling.  But maybe times have changed.

But I do know something that hasn't changed, young players lie about how they feel physically.  Naturally, Hanley may be telling the truth, but it seems odd that a beat reporter would just now notice he was recently icing his elbow.  Putting an ice wrap on a elbow of a star player tends to catch their attention earlier than game 134 in the season.

Just saying.