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Kevin Gregg has a bum left knee?

Kevin Gregg is available for today's game which isn't surprising.  However, he has had a bum left knee (his landing knee) all season.

Marlins closer Kevin Gregg was available again in the bullpen after getting Wednesday off. 

"This time of year, one day feels like a week," he said. "Every day without throwing a ball is good [for recovery]."

Gregg, who has been nursing a sore left knee all season, recently had a stretch in which he either pitched or warmed up 13 times in 14 games.

Warm ups matter, in case you didn't know.  Where was it, Colorado?  In which he must've thrown a 100 pitches in the bullpen.

With any pitcher, if the drive leg or the landing leg isn't up to speed, it affects his pitching.  And getting him up for almost every game takes a toll.

Normally, if he were to warm up and then come into the game, depending on the severity of the soreness, he could pitch decently.  But game after game of warming up and sometimes pitching, that exacerbates the problem.

But the main question I have is: why are we just hearing about this now?

Of course, I, unfortunately don't see every inning of every game and when the Fish are on the road, I don't get Rich and Tommy.  So it is very possible that everyone knew this but me.