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Walking wounded report

We have an update on two of the minor leaguers.

First up: Taylor Tankersley.

An MRI on Triple-A reliever Taylor Tankersley showed simple inflammation in his left (throwing) elbow. He will be shut down for a week to 10 days before being reevaluated. If there are no further issues, he could rejoin the Marlins' big-league bullpen for the final three weeks of the regular season

I doubt the Marlins will take the chance of adding his bum shoulder to the bullpen.  But he is on the 40-man roster, so you never know.

Second in the order: Cameron Maybin.

Center-field prospect Cameron Maybin was back in the starting lineup for Double-A Carolina on Wednesday. Maybin suffered from a staph infection on his left cheek, which may have been the result of a spider bite (he wasn't exactly sure). Maybin had been out since Aug. 21...

I suspect if at all possible Maybin will get the call.  Especially seeing how the trade with the Tigers looks like a complete bust for this season.  Of course, the trade was about the future and never intended to add much to the team immediately.  However, the front office does have egos, we all do, and they would like, if possible, to have someone they traded for with the team at the end of the regular season.

Which is understandable.  Now, that doesn't mean they will see much action.  But they will be with the team.

And concludes this update on the Walking Wounded Report.