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Scott Olsen admires Randy Johnson

Scott Olsen needs to come up with a better wish list.

Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen is eager to see Johnson pitch in person.

''That's the one guy I always watched growing up,'' Olsen said. ``Just because we are both left-handers, liked his mentality, liked how he went after hitters and threw really hard. He was fun to watch because he was striking everybody out.''

Johnson, 44, doesn't strike out quite as many hitters as he did in his prime. But he still averages

8.2 whiffs per nine innings.

''He's not the same Randy Johnson he was in his dominant days,'' said Marlins outfielder Luis Gonzalez, who played with Johnson in Arizona. ``But he's one of the rare breeds of the game. And he's still very effective. A lot of times you face the name and the reputation that goes along with it.''

Oh yeah, that is exactly who I want to see pitch against the Marlins when the team is sinking the divisional race.

If Scottie can learn something then great.  But if he is just going to be a fan admiring the  5-time Cy Young award winner, that I can do without.

Don't get me wrong, I also love to see Johnson pitch, but I'm never eager when it comes to him facing my favorite team.