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Hanley Ramirez still hurting

It is not clear whether Hanley Ramirez will be available for today's game.

Shortstop Hanley Ramirez didn’t play Thursday and he might not be available Friday because of a bruised right thumb suffered in Florida’s 6-5 loss Wednesday.

As expected his bruised thumb is causing some problems.

''I knew right away I couldn't play [Thursday],'' Ramirez said Thursday, one day after injuring his right thumb while stealing second base. ``It hurts -- a lot.''


Ramirez said the injured hand makes it difficult to hit and throw. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said the All-Star could be used as a pinch-runner.

Oh, wow, a pinch-runner.  Excuse me as I get all giddy. 

Sadly, this type of injury is going to take some time to heal.  Now, that doesn't mean Hanley won't lie about the way the he feels, just to get back into the lineup.  I fully except him to return before he is ready.

Will that help the club?  Probably not.  But he will do it anyway.

When you have a team of young players. this is what they do.  And Hanley is no exception when it comes to regaining playing time at all cost.