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Matt Treanor didn't see Gold Metal Match

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Matt Treanor was trying to be the consummate teammate last night.

Matt Treanor had a tough time concentrating on the Marlins' game in San Francisco on Wednesday. At the same time, his wife, Misty May-Treanor, was winning the Olympic gold-medal beach volleyball match with partner Kerri Walsh in Beijing.

Treanor promised to stay in the Marlins' dugout.

"I don't think that would be right to my teammates to be coming in and checking out the score," said Treanor, 

Dude, everyone would've understood if you had disappeared for about 40 minutes.  Then he did what on the surface was the strangest thing.

Matt Treanor was in the Marlins bullpen warming up Logan Kensing in the sixth inning Wednesday about the time his wife, Misty May-Treanor and partner Kerri Walsh clinched their second beach volleyball gold medal.

My first thought was why in the world is Treanor doing bullpen catching duties?  We have people to do that.  And that is the last thing our injured catcher needs to be doing.

As it turns out Matt had a plan.

Before the game, Treanor said he had a friend in the stands sitting a few rows behind the dugout that was going to provide scoring updates on flash cards.

I'm guessing the flash cards were easier to read catching in the bullpen than looking up from the dugout.  Clever, but I would've been happier if he just went in the clubhouse and watched the match.

Misty and Matt will have a reunion when the team goes to Arizona. 

May-Treanor is expected to join her husband at some point this weekend in Phoenix, where the Marlins and Diamondbacks will play a three-game set.

Good for them.

Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes FishStripes coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Now, I'm not saying when Misty rejoins Matt in Arizona, I won't write about it, it just that coverage of the games is over.

That is unless another Marlins player marries an Olympic athlete before the games are over, but that ain't going to happen.