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Scott Olsen wants to be a Marlin

Scott Olsen wants to remain a Marlin.

Scott Olsen would like to remain with the Marlins next season, if only to see how the current rotation would perform over the course of an entire campaign.

But Olsen, who is one of the team's three starters eligible for arbitration after this season, also is aware that he could be the odd man out in that group as the Marlins decide which pitchers to keep.


Olsen, Johnson and Nolasco are eligible for arbitration after this season.

''They can't bring everybody back,'' Olsen said. ``Well, they could, but they probably won't. I might not be back, but I'd like to be here. I hope I get to stay around, but you never know.''


The one factor Scottie isn't figuring into his equation is that he is left-handed and believe me, major league quality left-handed starters are hard to come by.

The Marlins could easily go to arbitration with Olsen, Johnson and Nolasco.  Sure they will all get above the league minimum next season, but they won't break the bank.

Assuming the Marlins get a favorable ruling on the stadium, they could keep all three.  If the stadium remains tied up in court after the season, who knows what they will do.

But I for one, would love to see him back in Teal.

(I would start going into stats, but I don't have the time.)