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Matt Treanor hoping to see Gold Metal Match

Matt Treanor isn't sure how he is going to keep informed about Misty's progress but is hoping to find a way.

Matt Treanor doesn't know whether he will be in the starting lineup for the Marlins on Wednesday night, when they face the Giants. But he is certain of one thing: He will be on pins and needles wondering how his wife is faring at the Olympics.

First off, seeing how the Marlins are treating Treanor with kid gloves, and well they should, since he will need surgery in the offseason.  I see no reason for him to start tonight.  Of course if Olsen demands it then he will, but Ollie won't.

''As much as I want to see it, I have a responsibility to my team and the guys on the field,'' said Treanor, who will try to remain focused on baseball while his wife tries to defend the gold medal she and Walsh won four years ago in Athens.

Treanor has managed to work around the scheduling conflicts up to now, receiving updates on his wife's matches from teammates and -- during home games at Dolphin Stadium -- police officers who slip him the scores from time to time.


He is not sure how he will keep informed Wednesday night, when the Marlins are on the field at AT&T Park. First pitch is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. PDT, about 45 minutes before his wife's gold-medal match against China is set to begin.

Assuming Matt doesn't start and I don't think he will, he could duck into the clubhouse watch the match and never be missed.  Misty and Kerri tend to play fast.

Of course, he may have to explain some very understandable tears.

'I'm going to cry regardless of what happens [in the gold medal match],'' Treanor said. ``It's been a long four years.

``Regardless of what happens, it'll be a relief feeling that it's over. It'll be nice to see my wife again.''

Misty and Kerri's match starts at 11:00 p.m.  And you thought you were going to bed early tonight.