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Ricky Nolasco Complete Game Shutout

As you probably know by now, assuming you weren't one the the late night warriors who knew when it happened....Ricky Nolasco threw a complete game, one hit shutout.

The one hit part can be disputed, but I stand by it.

For a brief summary of what happened we turn the San Francisco Chronicle, which I so rarely get to link to.

Nolasco settled for his first career complete game and shutout. Moreover, he ended Florida's string of 301 games without a complete game, a major-league record.

Until pinch-hitter Pablo Sandoval hit a clean double past third base with one out in the ninth, the only hit against Nolasco had been a first-inning single by Randy Winn on a grounder that skipped off first baseman Mike Jacobs' glove into right field as he knelt to grab it backhanded.

Official scorer Chuck Dybdal ruled it a single after watching the replay, but Jacobs said he should have gloved it.

"It wasn't that hard of a play," Jacobs said. "I was kind of surprised they gave it a hit."

I saw the game and Jacobs should've made the play, but really that doesn't matter since Sandoval in a very good AB hit a legitimate shot down the third baseline.

There is at least one good thing about Ricky completing the game, and no, it doesn't have to do with saving the bullpen.  (All of whom were on a day of rest.)  It has to do with the media will finally shut up about the Marlins not throwing a complete game.

But be that as it may, Ricky was spectacular last night.

Oh, in case you didn't know it, Ricky is an old softy.

He plans on giving the game ball from his complete game to his mother.

In all honesty, I would've done the same thing.