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More on Reynel Pinto

It seems that Reynel Pinto is here to stay for at least the rest of the week.

The solution for reliever Renyel Pinto, who has a 27.21 ERA over his past seven games, seems simple enough: Put him in a mop-up role until he can work out his problems.

But that will probably not happen.

''How are you going to do that,'' said Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez. ``Look at the games we play. Every game, it's a run here or a run there. We are in so many close games.

If you [put him in a mop-up role], then what is going to happen? He's going to sit for a week and not pitch while the rest of your bullpen gets overworked.''

Still, Pinto's problems have been costly, and the Marlins are back to using only 12 pitchers instead of 13 because they recently added catcher Paul Lo Duca and sent reliever Justin Miller to Triple A Albuquerque (N.M.).

Wasn't this just covered yesterday?

One thing Fredi, if Pinto can't get through an inning without blowing the lead, how is that saving the bullpen?  If the Marlins just need a warm body to take the mound, I'm available.  Sure, it isn't clear whether I can throw the ball 60' 6" with any regularity but I'm willing to cash the paycheck.

Back to the matter at hand, there could help on the way.

The Marlins might be adding Doug Waechter, who is out with shoulder inflammation, before their trip is finished. Waechter said he felt strong and had no pain in his recent bullpen session Saturday. He will pitch in Single A Jupiter this week, and, if all is well, he could come off the disabled list Saturday. The Marlins then could ship out Pinto and replace him with Waechter.

I'm not sure the Marlins will ship Pinto out, though there is every reason to.  More than likely Kensing will get the trip to Albuquerque once again, when Waechter is ready assuming the Marlins stick with 13 position players and 12 pitchers.  And I think they will.

Whatever happens Arthur Rhodes is ready to step into the role as mentor.

Pitching coach Mark Wiley will help, and Pinto has another resource in Rhodes, a veteran of 18 seasons. Rhodes has seen it all, done it all and felt it all.

While the Marlins have had their share of veteran right-handed relievers, Rhodes is the most authoritative situational lefty they've trotted out in a while.

"You can hear it from the pitching coach or you can hear it from another guy in the bullpen," Rhodes said. "All the guys out there, they watch him every game, and they can tell him what's going on and what he's doing wrong. It's good to hear it from two people, maybe three."

Rhodes has taken it upon himself to give Pinto some feedback.

Can't hurt.  It might even help.

Between Wiley and Rhodes they may be able to get Pinto going again, but if it is not mechanical and he is experiencing a dead arm period -- all the advice in the world won't help.  The only thing that fixes that is time and that is something the Marlins are running short on.