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Renyel Pinto -- enough said

I'm not going to spend much time talking about Renyel Pinto, everyone else has already done that.  (In no specific order)


Miami Herald

Palm Beach Post

Dgriot wondered if Pinto was experiencing a dead arm period in yesterday's comments.  Which could very well be the case since he has already pitched more innings this season than he has ever thrown in a previous major league season and the season isn't over.  Also, he leads the Marlins relievers in innings pitched.  

Have any of you noticed a drop in his velocity?  Just asking because I watch the starters velocity but rarely pay attention to the relievers.

It may be wise to limit his number of appearances for the time being to see if he can work past the problem.  In other words, welcome to mop up duty.  But that does leave a problem in the pen, who will take on the extra innings late in the game?  Arthur Rhodes could, but he is a year off Tommy John surgery and it is doubtful the Marlins will stretch him or should.  Hendrickson can't, since he is the long reliever. Nelson and Lindstrom are already seeing enough action.  Kensing is still somewhat less than reliable.

I guess what all of this is getting to is: aren't you happy that Lo Duca is riding the pine waiting to pinch hit while the Marlins need more relief help?

Your thoughts may vary.