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Hanley Ramirez can't be bothered to run

Hanley Ramirez spent some time admiring his handy work instead of running.

Hanley Ramirez looked a lot like his buddy, Manny Ramirez, when he jogged out of the box in the second inning after hitting a long fly ball to left field.

Ramirez, thinking he had a home run, was surprised to see the ball bang off the scoreboard and finally turned it on just about the time he was reaching first base. Ramirez barely beat the throw to second, a play so close that the Cubs, including manager Lou Piniella, argued.

Lou argues everything, but that doesn't excuse Hanley from not running.  I've got news for the offense, they have been one of, if not the, major problem since the All-Star break.  And you would think that someone with a batting average of .250 since the break might want to show at least he is giving his best effort.

It's not that hard to run.  We've got Hanley jogging to first, Cantu standing at the plate while the ball spins into fair territory and that is just two examples.  

It is true, that if you run has hard as you can, it normally doesn't change the outcome.  But every now and then, it does.  And that change in the outcome could mean the difference between experiencing the playoffs or watching them on television at home.

It is one thing to be in a hitting slump, it happens to most players at some point in the season.  It is completely another to just lazily go through the motions.

The first is understandable.  The second is unacceptable.