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Fredi Gonzalez no fan of handball

That title may not actually be true, but it was real easy to type.

Since FishStripes is doing partial Olympic coverage, this seems to fit right in.

Gonzalez said he has tried to follow the Olympics on TV. "Today I watched handball," he said, before shaking his head. "They want to get baseball out of the Olympics, but we have handball? I'm just saying . . ."

Handball is kinda of a cool sport -- I don't really understand it -- but is kinda cool to watch.

I think handball was introduced into the Olympics like sometime in the early 1900's, baseball made its debut much later.  I could look all of this up, but that isn't going to happen.  

Of course to me, baseball is a better game, but I'm biased.  From my understanding, and this could be completely wrong, since baseball is a relatively new sport to the games it is being reviewed because the nation participation rate isn't all that good.  But there is a big push being put on to keep it and softball as part of the games.  The longer the two stay in the games and if MLB and the softball federation will keep trying to expand their respective sports, more nations will eventually field teams.

Once again, I could be completely wrong.