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Arthur Rhodes fined

Arthur Rhodes is fined for his last actions with the Mariners.

Reliever Arthur Rhodes ripped into an umpire in his final game with Seattle just before he was traded to the Marlins on July 31 for Gaby Hernandez. Rhodes will have to pay for his behavior, but will not miss any games.

Rhodes was ejected from that July 30 game, and has been fined $350. Rhodes had been worried that he would be suspended and it would affect the Marlins. Based on the way he has pitched since joining the Marlins, Rhodes would be missed. Entering Tuesday's game, Rhodes had faced five batters and had struck out three, and also induced a double play.

I saw that game on television and Rhodes was being taken out of the game by the Mariners skipper when he had a few choice words to say the umpire.  Granted, Rhodes was being squeezed but all the pitchers were being squeezed that night.  The ump had an incredibly tight strike-zone, but he had it all night.

I can't remember who the umpire was, but it seemed ridiculous to me at time that he tossed Rhodes since he was headed for the showers anyway.  But he did.

In days of old, and I don't know if they still do, clubs normally paid the fines and it never came out of the players pocket.  If that is still the case, I guessing the Mariners aren't going to pay and it is doubtful the Marlins will since he wasn't with the Fish at the time.  But something gives the idea that $350 won't put much of a dent in Arthur's checking account.