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Scott Olsen proclaims himself ready

Scott Olsen felt better yesterday and claims he is ready to go.

Scott Olsen is naturally optimistic, but even he started to worry a bit about his sprained right ankle when he hobbled off the team's charter from New York on Sunday night. 

"It hurt when I got off the plane," Olsen said. "It looked bad. That's probably the worst it was."

His ankle remained tight when he got up Monday morning, but by the time he got toDolphin Stadium it had started to loosen up. He decided to play catch in the soggy outfield grass with Matt Treanor, which led to a few minutes of long toss, and before you knew it Olsen had hopped over the bullpen fence and was climbing atop the mound. 

Forty-six pitches later, including 29 from a full windup, Olsen was pronouncing himself good to go for Thursday's scheduled start against the Cardinals. 

"Felt fine," he said. "I'll be out there for sure." 


Olsen admitted his ankle probably wouldn't be 100 percent by Thursday, but as long as it doesn't affect his normal throwing motion he isn't concerned. 

"I've got to pitch either way, so it's not really relevant how I feel," he said. "If it's 50 percent, I'll go out there. It's a lot better now than it was."

With Olsen on track, fellow lefty Andrew Miller (patellar tendinitis) will make a second rehab start for Class A Jupiter on Thursday. Miller should throw about 80-85 pitches.

After all the Marlins have been through with young pitchers and injuries, let's just say, when they claim they are fine, I take it with a grain of salt.  

While I would prefer Olsen to make the start than say, Hendrickson. However, if he is going to keep aggravating the injury by pitching then it would be best if he didn't pitch on Thursday.  With Olsen being young and strong and Thursday being a little while away  he may be, basically, good to go by then.

Scott being able to his side work is a very good sign.