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The Florida Marlins infield about to get worse

I hate this time of year when the field is about to be chewed up by the Dolphins and eventually the Hurricanes.

The Marlins are hoping they return home tonight to a smooth infield, but they know it might not be perfect because of Saturday's pre-season football game between the Dolphins and Buccaneers.

In past years, players have complained about a chewed-up infield when Dolphin Stadium is converted back for baseball during exhibition football.

"I know we have a good grounds crew but we have thin grass and the infield already is fast," first baseman Mike Jacobs said. "Hopefully it won't get trampled up too much."

JRS does have an excellent ground crew but they aren't magicians.  For the rest of the season the Marlins infielders and the outfielders, to some extent, will have to play trickier hops.  It goes with the territory.  But the opposing teams have to play on the same chewed up infield too.