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Billy the Marlin on the HOF ballot

For mascots that is.

Beginning Monday, voting for the Mascot Hall of Fame will get under way, and this time around, Billy the Marlin -- the Marlins' mascot since the team's inauguration in 1993 -- is on a very short list of prestigious candidates for induction.

The Mascot Hall of Fame has been around since 2005, and there are currently only three MLB mascots enshrined -- the Phillie Phanatic, the San Diego Chicken and Mr. Met. That makes Billy the Marlin's accomplishments even more noteworthy, considering his franchise isn't usually considered among the Major Leagues' most popular.

If you would like to vote for Billy, and you should, go no further than here:

Mascot Hall of Fame Voting.

Good Luck Billy!

Stuffing the ballot box is completely acceptable, in this case, at least as far as I'm concerned.