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Matt Treanor could be DL bound

Matt Treanor aggravated an old injury, I didn't know he had, when he tried to avoid Alfredo's ground ball hit.

Marlins catcher Matt Treanor aggravated a nagging lower abdominal strain on Monday night, and he will undergo an MRI on Tuesday to determine the severity.


Although Treanor is hopeful to be able to keep playing, he understands a trip to the disabled list is highly likely.


Treanor tweaked his stomach area on June 21 at Oakland. He's been doing a series of stretching and strengthening exercises since. But he doubled over in the eighth inning while running the bases on Monday night.


If the Marlins promote a Minor League catcher, Mike Rabelo and John Baker at Triple-A Albuquerque are candidates.

If Treanor is going to be out for any length of time, the team has to call up another catcher, because let's face it: Hoover backed up by either Willingham or Jacobs is completely unacceptable.

Future Fish is reporting that John Baker has gotten the call and that sounds about right.  Baker has hit very well in the PCL, however, he does tend to strikeout a lot more than he walks.  But really I don't care much about his ability to hit or get on base.  What I care about is his defensive prowess and the way he handles the pitching staff.  While it may come as a surprise to some...the Marlins are already scoring runs.

All that said: I do want to see what he can do in the majors.  I've never seen him hit or catch but I keep hearing good things about him.  In order for the Marlins to bring him up they are going to have to do a dance with the 40-man roster.

It is possible that the Marlins will wait until they get the results of Treanor's MRI before activating anyone, but that would be rather risky.  My guess is Treanor goes on the 15-day DL no matter what and Baker gets some time in majors.  I mean really can you imagine the alternative with Jacobs being the backup catcher?