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Dan Uggla is definitely in the Home Run Derby

Dan Uggla is in and some of his competition has been named.

Uggla was selected for the event, to be held the night before the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium. Although it was announced Monday, he knew a week ago.


Utley, the NL's starting second baseman, leads the majors with 24 home runs. Berkman and Sizemore, the AL leader, each have 22. Hamilton has 19.

Texas' Josh Hamilton, Philadelphia's Chase Utley, Houston's Lance Berkman and Cleveland's Grady Sizemore also are among the five players named in the competition. Three more players will be selected to complete the field. The Angels' Vladimir Guerrero, the defending champion, that he intends to compete as well, although Major League Baseball has not officially named him.

Danny knew a week ago?  That would mean he was selected for the event two days after he sprain his ankle.  Kinda presumptuous of MLB that he would be ready.  Then again maybe they invite the top home run hitters and if the club screams they move on down the list.  Who knows?

Danny has the swing for the contest and he claims he can hit without pain.  The pain part maybe true but I will be more of a believer if I see him, at least, pinch hit.

At this point in time, he can't run without pain so don't look for him to return to his spot as the everyday second baseman anytime soon.