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Josh Johnson to join Chris Volstad in the rotation

The Marlins are making major adjustments to the starting rotation.

The arrival of Chris Volstad on Sunday has reshaped the Marlins rotation.

After the Marlins beat the Rockies, 10-5, to salvage the fourth game in the series finale at Coors Field, manager Fredi Gonzalez announced some shuffling to the rotation.

Volstad will now join the rotation, and he will get his first big league start on Friday against Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium.

Josh Johnson will be activated off the disabled list this week and start on Thursday in L.A.


Along with adding the two right-handers to the rotation, Ryan Tucker and Mark Hendrickson were switched to the bullpen.

The first thought that came to my mind is who is going down when Johnson is activated?  Unless the Marlins plan on going with 13 pitchers, it will be a pitcher.  I guess Tucker going back to Double-A would make the most sense, but you never know.

With Johnson and Volstad joining the starting rotation we could see a mass improvement and I think every projection about the two being front end of the rotation starters is spot on.  But a word of caution, even in the movie the Matrix where Neo was the "One" he didn't make the first jump.  In other words, it could take a few starts before they come into their own.

Then again, maybe it won't.