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Walking wounded report

We have a quick Walking Wounded Report.  

Beginning with Dan Uggla:

Uggla did some light jogging during the afternoon at Coors Field and took some flips in the indoor batting cage. Although his ankle remains sore and swollen, Uggla was pleased with how it felt during this initial test.


Uggla said he hoped to hit on the field today and possibly "start moving around a little more," but stressed he has no timetable on his return. He said he was "pretty confident" he would return at some point on this three-city trip to end the first half.

"I realize we've got three months left in the season almost," Uggla said. "That's the biggest thing. If I have to miss an extra game or something, I think I'm smart enough to realize what I can and can't do and my limitations with it. Once I come back, I want to stay back."

And we want him to stay back, however, judging from what he said: the staying back part is still in the near distance future.

Now on to Anibal Sanchez.

Anibal Sanchez (torn labrum) pitched competitively Thursday for the first time since May 2007. He allowed two runs on four hits in five innings in a Gulf Coast League game, walking one and striking out four.

That is a very good first outing.  Another report had him hitting 96 mph with his fast ball.  It will be interesting to see whether his arm slot is back in its normal position.  I hope the organization is watching his mechanics, surely they are, because Anibal could dominate the GCL throwing left-handed, if he so chose.

If Anibal's mechanics are good and stay good through extended repetition then it just a matter of building arm strength and regaining command of his pitches.  However long that takes. (read after the All-Star break and maybe then some)

But he is off to a good start.