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Anibal Sanchez's hearing to begin

Anibal Sanchez's grievance hearing is slated for early August.

The two sides will start the hearing Aug. 8 in New York and resume it Aug. 20 in San Francisco.

Last May, the Marlins optioned him to Triple-A Albuquerque after walking 19 and striking out 14 with a 4.80 ERA during his first six starts (30 innings). Before he reported, Sanchez complained of shoulder discomfort. 

Seven weeks later, he was in Dr. James Andrews' operating room. The Players' Association filed a grievance on Sanchez's behalf last July.


If the panel finds in Sanchez's favor, he would be owed just over $475,000 in lost big-league earnings from last year and this season. More importantly, he would have the necessary service time to qualify for arbitration after 2009.

As most you know, I'm in Anbial's corner on this one.  It was obvious his shoulder was still bothering him even though he never said anything.  He didn't look right in spring training and his arm slot got even worse once the regular season began.  I noticed it when it happened and I refuse to believe the club didn't too.  Then again, Kranitz was the pitching coach back then, so who knows.

Yes, I know he should've told someone, but really, what do you expect, the kids lie to stay up in the majors.

But this is all water under the bridge, I just hope the hearing won't become a distraction.  Why this couldn't of been settled sooner is a mystery to me.