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Matt Treanor Okay - sort of

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Matt Treanor received some good news from the Doc.

Catcher Matt Treanor will start up his rehab program again Tuesday after seeing groin-injury specialist Dr. William Meyers on Monday in Philadelphia.

Treanor will not need surgery and has been cleared to continue rehab. He has been out since July 8 with an injury reported as a left hip strain.


Matt Treanor (left hip strain)....could be out until at least early August.

If that is the case look for the club to add another catcher.

Mike Berardino breaks down the possibilities at catcher.  Read to the entire article for all the potentials.  However, I will highlight those in the Marlins price range.

....Gerald Laird (Rangers) and Ryan Doumit (Pirates)


Laird, who just came off the disabled list after missing five weeks with a hamstring injury, is making just $1.6 million this season, is eligible for arbitration this winter and couldn't become a free agent until after 2010.

Laird, 28, is hitting .311 with four homers in 190 at-bats.


Doumit, hitting .333 with 12 home runs in 252 at-bats, is making just $412,000 this year and could be eligible for salary arbitration for the first time this winter.


If it's Doumit the Marlins end up getting, they would love to put Pirates lefty John Grabow in the deal as well.

Grabow is making $1.135 million this year and would be eligible for arbitration one more time before hitting the free-agent market after the 2009 season. Grabow is holding both lefties and righties to averages of .239 or below.

If the Marlins go for Laird, assuming he is healthy, it wouldn't be a bad deal.  The Rangers are stocked full of catching prospects, but they definitely don't know how to raise pitchers, so the trade could help both clubs.  (The caveats are coming.)  

However, the Doumit trade, if it can be worked out, would be the better one.  Especially if we can get Grabow along with him.  I have no idea what the Pirates have up their sleeve, but I'm guessing they could use some young, promising, arms.

The key in any possible trade is to avoid giving up a Volstad or a West, because that just ain't worth it.  If it cost Allison or De La Cruz or combination of the both, then do it.

The front office doesn't always shine when it comes to selecting players in the draft, but they normally do a good job when it comes to trades.