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Matt Treanor not progressing as hoped

Matt Treanor's injury is not healing as hoped and he going to see a specialist.

Still feeling discomfort, Marlins catcher Matt Treanor will be examined by a specialist in Philadelphia on Monday.

On the disabled list since July 8 with a left hip strain, Treanor had been catching some bullpens. The 32-year-old, in his first season as the regular catcher, was hopeful of playing in a few rehab assignment games.

But in recent days, the injury wasn't progressing. So he will be further examined.

"It wasn't feeling right, so they're sending him to this specialist guy in Philadelphia," Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said.


If the club receives bad news, it will mean that finding another catcher before the trading deadline could be paramount.  Especially since there is no way they will go with two non-hitting catchers who aren't the best defensively.

Incase you haven't been following along, Baker is batting .167/.265/.333 and Hoover is hitting .205/.225/.231.  I'm guessing the Marlins will be looking for something a little better from their everyday catcher.  Should the news about Treanor end up being good, they may call off the search.

Speaking of Baker, he needs to work on giving signs to the pitcher with a runner on second base.

In yesterday's game when a runner was on second he would give a rapid fire succession of signs that no human could possibly pickup and then pausing to display one sign and after that some more rapid fire signs.  The sign he paused at was always the pitch about to be thrown.  I have no idea whether the runner at second was tipping the pitches, but since I knew what was coming, he did too. 

College and high school catchers are notorious for doing this and it fools no one.