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Marlins pursuing Brian Fuentes?

I think it was Jrsyeagle who brought up this article by Ken Rosenthal in last night's comments.


Add the Marlins to the list of teams pursuing Brian Fuentes, the Rockies' left-handed closer.


Catching is indeed an area of need for the Marlins, but Matt Treanor, recovering from a strained left hip, is close to beginning a rehabilitation assignment. The Marlins would rather go with Treanor and rookie John Baker than pick up a veteran such as the Blue Jays' Gregg Zaun or Reds' Paul Bako, sources say.

The Marlins, who are far more focused on acquiring bullpen help than adding a veteran catcher, are expressing interest in all of the top available relievers, according to major-league sources.

If Treanor can return to the team anytime soon, I agree the Marlins needing a catcher isn't paramount.

Rosenthal isn't the only one reporting this:  Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus is saying it also.

The Marlins certainly have the payroll room to be buyers, but they seem more focused on the small fish. They’d like to get a closer and Brian Fuentes is at the top of their list. The Rockies closer is available and seems likely to go before the deadline. Several other teams are in on this, but two sources have told me that the Marlins are very aggressively pursuing a deal.

Speaking of Baseball Prospectus they are running their free week.  In other words you can read everything they write for free.  And I urge to you to take advantage of this.  Personally, I pay money to read everything they write and I am happy to do so.

However, you may find an article or two you don't agree with, like this one about where the Marlins will finish in the NL East.  It appears the author of the article thinks our pitching staff sucks, our defense is lousy (okay, I will give him that one), the team has an OBP problem, the slugging can't save us and we will finish fourth.

You know, all of the stuff we have been hearing all year long.  To which I respond: there are very few perfect predictors in the statistical world.  Sure, if you are right 95 percent of the time, it is the way to bet.  But also keep in mind that the tail of distribution still exists.

Now that I have gotten completely off-track let's get back to Fuentes.  Juan C. Rodriquez poses the question to his readers on his shared blog:

If the Rockies insist on Chris Volstad being a starting point for any package, do you make the deal? What if they ask for Dan Uggla?

I have no idea if Mr. Rodriquez, who has contacts with the team, is just throwing the question out wildly or if everyone the front office has gone brain dead.  But incase we are taking a survey, my answer: You've got be kidding.

There is no way Fuentes would ever be worth that.  We're talking about 62 games remaining and he won't be with the team next season.

I have no idea what the Marlins are willing to give up in order to get an one inning reliever, but it shouldn't be a front line player.   I will say, however, that giving up a minor leaguer can also hurt.  Anyone remember the Red Sox making a trade for Larry Andersen, an one inning reliever, and giving up some third baseman in Double-A by the name of Jeff Bagwell?

There is nothing wrong with trying to strengthen the bullpen, but the team should be careful in what it gives up in the process.