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Joe Nelson rethinks plan

It seems that Joe Nelson's idea about taking home the lineup card, hit reality.

Reliever Joe Nelson thought briefly of asking manager Fredi Gonzalez for the lineup card after the Marlins one-hit the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night, believing it would be good for a laugh or two.

''I've never been part of a one-hit shutout before,'' Nelson said.

Then again, Nelson gave up the Braves' only hit, a single to center by Chipper Jones in the top of the sixth inning, in the Marlins' 4-0 victory.

''Every guy in here has already informed me that I was the only one to give up a hit,'' said Nelson, who took the ribbing with good humor. ``To be honest about it, though, if we throw up another 63 one-hitters, I'll give up every one of them.''

Ah, teammates.

If the Marlins can throw another 63 one-hitters, I'm good with Nelson's scenario.