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There is a new book on the Marlins

And it only has one chapter: Throw Every Junker you can find against them.

It was only the fifth time the Marlins have been shut out this season, but it might be the beginning of a dangerous trend.

''He was like a right-handed Jamie Moyer,'' Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said. ``He kept throwing the changeup, and his fastball was working for him, and he made pitches when he had to. He kept us off balance.''

Moyer, the 45-year-old Phillies starter, is 10-0 against the Marlins and has made a living throwing slow, slower and slowest against them. Phillies ace Cole Hamels used a similar approach against the Marlins on Sunday, throwing more change-ups and offspeed pitches, and Campillo owned the Marlins with a fastball that was never clocked higher than 86 mph.

''Everything moves, and everything is slow,'' Jacobs said. ``He kind of lulls you to sleep and then sneaks that 85-mph fastball by you.''

Jacobs doesn't think the Moyer-esque style of pitching will be a trend against the Marlins.

''I don't think guys who throw a certain way are going to change to pitch like Jamie Moyer against us,'' he said.

Of course, Hamels change his style of pitching.

The good news is if opponents try to get their pitchers who aren't junkers to adopt that style for one game, it probably won't work since that isn't what the pitcher is comfortably doing.

But don't be shocked if down the stretch run the Marlins start seeing surprise starters who were previously in the pen taking the mound in first inning who log numbers on the radar gun at around 50 mph.