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Cody Ross ties the game

I really should spend sometime and think of a better title, but unfortunately, that isn't a luxury I have.

I would never berate another Marlins site and I'm not doing that here but Cody is getting a little Ho-Hum about Cody's accomplishments.  After Cody hit the game tying home run to right, this is what they had to say:

Well, Ross missed his cycle by a home run yesterday which he got today to tie the game in the 8th inning 2-2. Also to note it was to right field.

I know it was the weekend, I try to take those off myself, but c'mon, this is your guy.  (Note: we love him too.)

I realize Cody is doing all of the good of late and you need to be a living thesaurus to properly express of all his accolades in the proper fashion and it gets tiring trying to present them in an original fashion.  But if you need any help, Cantu did a pretty good job after yesterday's game.

"Cody comes out of nowhere," Cantu said. "He's our sleeper. He's awesome. He's been awesome the whole entire year."

Please, oh please, take this in the tongue in cheek manner in which is meant.