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Is there a new book on the Marlin hitters?

It seems that Cole Hamels was trying to take a page out of the Jamie Moyer playbook.

The Marlins have gone 15 for 77 in the three games Hamels has started against them and still won all three. Sunday they did so in spite of Hamels' best Jamie Moyer impersonation. Both Ross and Hermida said Hamels threw even more change-ups than usual and kept his fastball in the mid-80s opposed to his typical low-90s.

It will be interesting to see if other pitchers try and adopt this strategy of throwing slow junk to the Marlins hitters.  If they do, one, the Marlins will have to adjust and two, it means they have no faith in getting the Marlins out with their regular stuff.

It is odd, that a pitcher as good as Hamels would adjust his style of pitching.