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Ryan Tucker safe for now

Ryan Tucker will probably stay in the rotation, or at least that is plan.  For now.

There are no plans to supplant rookie Ryan Tucker in the starting rotation, even though he has been struggling. Tucker gave up five runs in five innings Monday against the Nationals and has a 6.84 ERA.

He is scheduled to start Saturday in Colorado.

In all likelihood, Tucker will be replaced in the rotation when Josh Johnson is activated from the disabled list, perhaps by the middle of next week. Johnson is expected to make at least one more rehabilitation start in the minors.

Long reliever Doug Waechter is a candidate the Marlins could turn to if they want to make an immediate change. Waechter made 54 starts when he was with Tampa Bay from 2003-06. But the Marlins are pleased with the job Waechter has done in his role out of the bullpen.

Yeah, so is Gregg, but I don't see that happening either.

I don't have time to go into this fully, but I'm not sure Ryan Tucker is first man out of the rotation when Johnson comes back.  Given the way things are going I would guess that Hendrickson will lose his spot in the rotation and be sent to the bullpen.  Thus giving the Marlins another lefty in the pen and De La Cruz will be sent down in order to make room for Johnson.  Tucker would keep his spot in the rotation.  Ryan has talent, albeit raw, but talent nonetheless.

Should Anibal ever be ready to pitch in the majors again, Tucker is Carolina bound.

That is my guess, yours may differ.