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Dan Uggla may be aways from returning

Dan Uggla's ankle sprain is getting better but he still be ways off from rejoining the lineup.

An MRI Tuesday on second baseman Dan Uggla's left ankle showed nothing more than a sprain, but the Marlins second baseman still was not able to take part in any baseball activities.

"I'm really optimistic," Uggla said. "The pain has decreased dramatically. Hopefully, I can start running the next couple of days and start swinging. Once I do that, it's not long at all."

Although Uggla likely will not be ready to start the series opener Thursday in Colorado, his original target date, he is hoping to return sometime during that series.


Robert Andino started at second base for the third consecutive game.

I'm not sure that Danny will be back for the Colorado series, at all, assuming that is the time table.  While all fans of the Fish want him back in the lineup as soon as possible, his being out does allow someone else on the bench a chance to win the Rock-Paper-Scissors game for a change.  Given that Andino is playing in the field and all.

And anyways, it may be beneficial to the team, down the line, to let Andino get some starts in-a-row.  And if he keeps showing what he is showing, he could be trade bait or possibly the new starting shortstop.  For the latter to happen the Marlins would have to do something like trading Jacobs, re-signing Cantu and moving him to first, where he is a pretty good defender.  Then moving Hanley to third.

Now I wouldn't count on that happening but it is in the realm of possibilities.