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Matt Treanor gets mail

It turns out MLB isn't so proud of Matt Treanor's work at the bat.

Catcher Matt Treanor received a warning Tuesday from Major League Baseball for slow play.

"They said I'm in and out of the (batter's) box," Treanor said. "I've never been told by an umpire to hurry up."

Treanor noted by batting eighth, he sometimes has to buy the pitcher time if the first two hitters make quick outs.

Oh, like he is the only catcher hitting eighth who tries to protect his pitching staff.  Then again, maybe he is.  While I'm sure Matt wants to do his best at plate, his first concern is taking care of the pitchers, especially the starters.

I have no doubt that the umpires have yet to utter a word.  I was privileged to have a conversation with an older gentleman who was a minor league umpire for a number of years.  I asked him during our talk whether he called the strike zone differently for certain players -- he thought for minute and said "Yes."  He said the only person he would give the benefit of  the doubt to was the catcher.  Which prompted me to ask: Why?

To which he responded: the catcher is the only " friend"  I have when calling balls and strikes.  If he gets mad at you, all he has to do is duck and I get nailed with the pitch.