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Andrew Miller to the DL

As HadMatter reported yesterday in the comments, Andrew Miller is DL bound.

As the Marlins open the second half the season tonight against Philadelphia, they'll be down yet another starting pitcher. Left-hander Andrew Miller, who was scheduled to start Sunday, will be placed on the 15-day disabled list with right knee tendinitis. Right-handers Josh Johnson and Chris Volstad each were moved up a day in the rotation, Johnson to Sunday and Volstad to Monday.


They'll call up a pitcher today but they don't know who will start yet when the fifth spot comes up Tuesday against the Braves.

I guess they could go with Tucker or Hendrickson or Waecther or call up a starter to take the slot.  We will find out.  Personally, I hope that Waecther isn't called upon given how well he normally does out of the pen.  If I had to make a choice of the three, I would go with Tucker and see if he can go four innings plus.

Miller has a history of right knee tendinitis and he claims it doesn't bother his pitching.  And that is something I find hard to believe.  When pitching the landing leg is very important, especially if one is planning on throwing with a lot of velocity.  (Once again, the term "velocity" is misused in the prior sentence, especially in Miller's case.)  Maybe Miller will get the chance to work on his mechanics in his minor league rehab starts.  It couldn't hurt.