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Matt Treanor back soon?

Matt Treanor is progressing and may be back fairly soon.

Matt Treanor, who went on the 15-day DL with a left hip strain on July 8, could be reinstated as early as Wednesday.


"It may be close," Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said about Treanor returning next week. "We'll see how he progresses throughout the next six or seven days, but if it's not that, maybe a few days after.

"He's OK. It's an injury that it's a tough place to get treatment in there, but he's progressed."

Treanor took his first swings since the injury, hitting off a tee on Thursday.



...he hopes to take soft tosses and probably even run.

"From what I know, they're not just going to run me out there until they know I can go back-to-back days and I could get some game action," Treanor said. "Obviously, I want to be out there playing and helping this team win, but I trust the training staff, and I know they don't want to hurt me by rushing me."




It doesn't sound like to me that he will be ready anytime soon if he isn't hitting soft tosses and running.  Could be wrong.  Which I'm often am.

And, oh, I don't have the same faith in the Marlins training staff that Matt does.