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Chris Volstad is the Topps

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Chris Volstad has already caught the eye of Topps.

Topps revealed Thursday that the seventh card in its 2008 Red Hot Rookie redemption program will be of Florida Marlins P Chris Volstad.

Each hobby box of 2008 Topps Series II has one of 20 Red Hot Rookie redemption cards which can be redeemed online to receive the card after a player is announced.

Previous cards include Texas Rangers 1B Chris Davis, Kansas City Royals SS Mike Aviles, Chicago Cubs OF Kosuke Fukudome, San Francisco Giants 1B John Bowker, Boston Red Sox pitcher Justin Masterson and Cincinnati Reds OF Jay Bruce. The Bruce card will be autographed.

I'm sure if you happen upon a Volstad "Red Hot Rookie" card after jumping through all the hoops, he will be more than happy to autograph it for you.

Now, if I can only get someone, anyone, to sell baseball cards in the town I live in.

Oh, congratulations Chris on the achievement.