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Chum Bucket

Wow, two Chum Buckets in-a-row, it almost feels like the offseason.

The Marlins are taking an another day of much deserved rest before starting the whole thing up again.  In the meantime we get to talk about whatever crosses our mind.  

To answer Jrsyeagle's hypothetical from yesterday: I want the great escape artist, Aaron Cook.  I guess in the trade we should give up a pitcher in return and I will even make it a replacement sinker baller: Sergio Mitre.  The Rockies will probably be elated with the deal.  Oh, c'mon, this is the same team that took Jorge Julio off our hands.  Not that I'm comparing Mitre with Julio in any way, shape or form.

As with all Chum Buckets it is an absolute open thread.  So have it.

And as always, have a Great Day!