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John Gall is going to Beijing

John Gall was selected to the Olympic baseball team.

Outfielder John Gall, who plays for the Marlins' Triple A Albuquerque (N.M.) Isotopes, also was among the 23 players chosen by manager Davey Johnson. USA Baseball has one opening on the roster to fill by Tuesday.

Congratulations John!

I must admit I didn't see this coming.  Gall will probably be the fourth outfielder on the squad.  But you never know.  He could start though it is somewhat doubtful.

In other Olympian news, Misty May-Treanor feels she is getting better with age.

Sounding an ominous note for her Olympic competitors, Misty May-Treanor believes she has become a better player since winning the beach volleyball gold at the Athens Games without losing a set.

The affable Californian says that being 31-years-old when she and Kerri Walsh travel to Beijing next month to defend their title will be an advantage and not a handicap.


“But you do get better with age. Maybe a little slower. But experience in beach volleyball comes into play when you get in those tight matches when fatigue sets in. I’m a lot wiser.”

May-Treanor getting better in the sport is not welcome news for teams hoping to dethrone the defending champions in the sport, which has been at the Olympics only since 1996.


Yes, I know the latter has nothing to do with baseball, but Misty is a part of the Marlins family.  And you never take sides against the family or at least that is what the Godfather Part II taught me.

Now, if we can just get her husband back behind the plate, the defense and possibly the pitching will improve.