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Chum Bucket

The Marlins have a couple of days off and you know what that means......another installment of Chum Bucket.

I've seriously have ran out time and I didn't even to get write about the Marlins players performances in last night's All-Star game.  But that's okay, I was planning on taking the late great Warren Zevon approach.

Well, I met a girl at the Rainbow bar


She took me back to the Hyatt House
I don't want to talk about it

You may talk about the game if would like, but as for me it is time to move on.  We have a division to win or  a wild-card to secure.  And judging by the way the Phillies and Mets closers performed, I think we have more than a good shot.

But if you are not feeling all basebally, anything is open for discussion.  And you never can tell, someone may just join in.  However, baseball always, and as it should, gets the most responses.

Have a Great Day!

[Update] FishStripes is being searched for everything Dan Uggla and all I have to say is this: Danny is ours and I, for one, am ecstatic he is.