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All-Star game was never going to be a tie

Or says Bud Selig, after the fact.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig admitted he worried about Tuesday night's long-running All-Star Game dragging even deeper into extra innings, and the All-Star managers running out of pitchers. But Selig didn't worry that there might be a second tied All-Star game under his watch. That's because he decreed that there would be no ties.

"The game would have been played to its conclusion," Selig told a couple writers standing by home plate after the American League beat the National League 4-3 in 15 innings. "Terry (Francona) and Clint (Hurdle) knew that. They knew how we felt. They understood that."



Selig insisted of a potential tie game, "It would not happen again."

He pointed out that measures were taken to avoid a repeat of the nightmare of the 2001 All-Star Game that ended in a tie. "We've added players to the roster," Selig pointed out. "We've done things."



Yeah, you've done all the wrong things.  What should be done, in my opinion, is to add three pitchers to each team.  And not just any pitchers but long middle relievers.  These guys are never selected to the All-Star team but a good one is very valuable to his team.  Don't play them until the other pitchers are exhausted, they probably won't care if they don't play since they wouldn't be at All-Star game any other way.  But if they are needed in an extra innings game, they can give you three or so innings a piece.  And should they pitch three or four innings, the team they belong to probably won't be as pissed as they would be if you over extended one of their starters.  Because really, the team doesn't know when they will need the long middle relievers again.

Anyways, it beats turning the game into a circus by having position players pitch.  Which was the plan for last night.  You start having position players take the mound, one can forget about that crap, "It Counts".  Which in itself is just a joke-- but that is a rant for another day.