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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Home Run Derby (7/14)

Tonight is the Home Run Derby version of Ichthyomancy.

The Derby starts at 8:00 p.m.

The rules are as follows:

Opening Round
• Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
• The four players with the most home runs hit in the Opening Round advance to the Semi-Final Round.

Semi-Final Round
• Home runs totals from the first round will carry over to the second round.
• Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible per at bat.
• The two players with the most home runs in the Semi-Final Round advance to the Championship Round.

Championship Round
• Home runs from the first two rounds do not carry over to the Championship Round; Opening and Semi-Final Round totals are cleared from the board.
• Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
• The player who hits the most home runs in the Championship Round is declared the Home Run Derby champion.


• An out is registered when a player swings at a pitch and does not hit a home run.

• A ball hit over the fence must be fair to count as a home run.

Ichthyomancy points will be awarded in these categories: champion, most homers in a single round, most homers in the derby, and for any accurate (and specific) above and beyond picks (i.e. Chase Utley goes homerless in the first round and is eliminated, or Dan Uggla out homers Evan Longoria 5-3 in the finals.)

Tonight's Participants


Player Team Lg
Lance Berkman Astros NL
Ryan Braun Brewers NL
Josh Hamilton Rangers AL
Evan Longoria Rays AL
Justin Morneau Twins AL
Grady Sizemore Indians AL
Dan Uggla Marlins NL
Chase Utley Phillies NL


Since this is totally objective, I get to play. Naturally for the home run derby, and also the All-Star game, you can choose anyone you like, it doesn't have to be a Marlin.

My picks:
Champion: Josh Hamilton
Most homers in one round: Dan Uggla
Most homers (cumulative): Josh Hamilton
AAB: Two home runs hit a monument.

It's your turn to make your picks. I will add your name to the table as you make your selections. And yes, the points do count, well, for everyone but me.


Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Champion Single Round Cumulative AAB
Craig Hamilton Uggla Hamilton Two home runs hit a monument
Gbirdc Utley Longoria Utley Hanley jumps on Danny at some point
Hoyamarlin Berkman Uggla Berkman Utley fewest HR
Hurricane Utley  Uggla Hamilton Sizemore fewest HR
Matt Wilson Uggla Uggla Uggla Uggla longest home run
GMFB Utley Berkman Sizemore 10+ HR only once
LadyFish Hamilton Sizemore Berkman Morneau fewest HR
Mbaamin Berkman Sizemore Berkman Longoria out in 1st round
Bumppo Hamilton Berkman Hamilton 12+ gold ball HR
Fishcrazy Berkman Hamilton Utley Longoria out in 1st round
Jrsyeagle Hamilton Berkman Uggla 2+ HR off foul poles
Fluxuation Sizemore Uggla Uggla Utley 0 HR
Dgriot Uggla Uggla Uggla Utley 0 HR
Spud Uggla Uggla Uggla Uggla short porch HR
HadMatter Uggla Longoria Morneau HR out of the park
GameFish Uggla Hamilton Uggla Utley HR ≤ 4
Sdsuaztec Utley Hamilton Utley Morneau least HR
Orlando Rays Longoria Uggla Uggla Uggla: 3 HR go really, really far

Best of Luck to Everyone!