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Hanley Ramirez good to go?

Hanley Ramirez is going to play in the All-Star game.

All systems are go for Ramirez to start in Tuesday's All-Star Game despite a sore right shoulder that crimped his plans as the Marlins closed out an 11-game trip Sunday against the Dodgers.


'He told me [Sunday] he wanted to get in the lineup,'' said Gonzalez, who decided to hold him out as a precaution but said Ramirez was available to come off the bench if needed. ``Our trainers say he'll be fine, just a couple of days.''

Ramirez said he injured the shoulder earlier in the week in San Diego and that it bothers him to throw, not to hit. He took batting practice before Sunday's game. Ramirez left Saturday's game soon after making an off-target throw to first base.



Look, if he ends up throwing some souvenirs into the stands behind first base on Tuesday, I don't care.  What concerns me is if this nagging injury isn't allowed to heal and just keeps being aggravated thus requiring the team to sit him during, say, the Phillies series, then it just isn't worth it.  

I know Hanley wants to play, I can understand that, but he is paid to play for the Marlins and not for the NL in an exhibition game.

Hopefully everything will workout fine and his shoulder will heal quickly enough for him to win the All-Star MVP and return to the Marlins in excellent health.  Still, there are dice being rolled.