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The Marlins go Hollywood

Luis Gonzalez turned some of the Fish into star gazers.

Luis Gonzalez arranged a tour of the Desperate Housewives set Thursday for several members of the organization through friend and actor James Denton. A member of theDesperate Housewives cast and fervent baseball fan, Denton also is an owner of the Fullerton Flyers of the Golden Baseball League.

Gonzalez, Hoover, Joe Nelson, Andy Fox and other staff members met show starNicollette Sheridan and watched her film a short scene on the Universal Studios set.

Can't say I've ever seen the show, but if they had fun -- fantastic.  With baseball being as superstitious as it is, I recommend going again to the set before tonight's game.  It can't hurt and might help.

Is there anyone Gonzo doesn't know?  I mean besides you and me.