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Dan Uggla may start tonight

Dan Uggla may return the starting lineup tonight.

Sidelined since spraining his ankle June 28 game against the Diamondbacks, second baseman Dan Uggla proclaimed himself ready to go before Wednesday's game. Uggla could be back in the starting lineup as soon as tonight

Or he may not.  Just because a players says he is ready doesn't mean he is automatically inserted into the lineup.  Managers tend to take those proclamations with a grain of salt.

I'm sure Danny feels he is ready to contribute, but Fredi and the coaches will decide whether to put him in or continue to evaluate his condition.  Normally after one good day, they want to see a second, but Danny is an integral part of the team so they may allow him to play.

If he does play, watch how he turns a double play at second.  If he moves smoothly, he is basically healed.  If the turn is mechanical, meaning forced, he is not quite right just yet.  Of course taking into account he hasn't played the field in a bunch of days but still, he hasn't forgotten the muscle memory required to make to the turn.  It's just a matter of whether his muscle will perform.

I guess what I'm saying is look to see if he looks like the Danny of old on a double play.