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Fredi Gonzalez tries to spin

Fredi Gonzalez tries to convince someone, maybe himself, that he doesn't have a short bench.

Gonzalez, though, was not lamenting his limited bench, which consisted of Luis Gonzalez, Wes Helms and Paul Hoover, along with Amezaga.

"I don't feel like we're short-handed," he said.

Face it Fredi, you are short-handed.  I appreciate the optimistic words but you're not fooling anyone.  Danny isn't ready, Alfredo can only play the infield at best.  Gonzo and Helms are being saved until the late innings for pinch-hitting duties.  And you are old school enough that there ain't no stinking way you are going to use your backup catcher unless the starter gets hurts.

So in actuality you are looking at a 3 1/2 man bench and basically none of those you will use in a double switch.  Sure, you're playing the hand that was dealt, but c'mon, the bench is short-handed.  We all understand.