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A new mascot named Lil' Billy

Oh, you got to be kidding me.  Did any of you know this ?

With a video spoof of Austin Powers as introduction, the Marlins unveiled the latest addition in their "eight-figure" marketing arsenal at Saturday night’s game at Dolphin Stadium: Lil’ Billy.

The mini-Billy the Marlin mascot looks about half the size of the original Billy, but wears a 1/3 on his jersey. He was introduced between innings and the two big-billed fish danced together.

Marlins Marketing VP Sean Flynn says it’s an idea he’s had for a while...


“Have been sitting on it for a few years,” Flynn said.

Maybe sitting on it for a few more wouldn't have hurt. Geez, between Billy the Marlin, the Mermaids, the Manatees, the Maniacs and Lil' Billy the performers may out number the fans.