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The Road Trip is finally over

And it didn't end a moment too soon.

If you read around the internets today you will find some blaming it on the bullpen for blowing 5 save chances in 6 attempts.  Others will acknowledge that fact and blame it on the starters for not going deep enough into the games and thus causing the bullpen to be overworked.  However, if you adopt the latter explanation you really should take into account how the defense played.  In the Marlins 3 wins, the defense didn't commit an error.  In the 7 losses the defense committed 8 errors and the only reason it wasn't more was some generous scoring for the home teams giving them hits.

Why do the errors matter beside the unearned runs thing?  It is because it requires a starter or in some cases a reliever to throw more pitches in a inning.  The more pitches thrown in an inning reduces a pitcher's effectiveness along with the added bonus of eventually shortening his outing.

Were there some clunkers thrown by the starters on the road trip?  Without a doubt.  Where there some bad relief efforts?  You betcha.  But when you assess the road trip, don't discount the crappy fielding, it played a role, maybe a hugh role.

To go into more detail I would have to relive the losses and I refuse to do that.